HR Licence Sydney

HR Licence (Heavy Rigid Licence) Guide to the Hr licence test (FCA).

To Get your Hr licence in Sydney NSW it is done under the HVCBA system.

The Hr Licence is now completed and tested with heavy vehicle Driving schools who are APPROVED BY RTO’S and THE RMS.


HR Licence heavy-vehicle-adta-member

L Truck Driving School is a member of the NSWADTA.

The HR Licence course is broken up into 13 competencies.


  1. 1. Hr Licence Pre Start Checks which includes the following.

L Driving School has Hr licence training videos: to look at before you come.

Heavy rigid pre start checks on:

  • Check the drive belts and pulleys.
  • Check all the Lights.
  • Check the Rego make sure it is in date and has the same number plates.
  • Check for Loose, missing and broken items on the vehicle.
  • Check the load and demonstrate how to tie down the load with rope, chain, winch straps, and ratchet straps.
  • Check the level of your truck make sure it sits level.
  • Check and empty the water out of the Air tanks.
  • Check your HR truck trailer links.
  • Listen for Air leaks around your HR truck.
  • look for leaks and check the levels on your heavy rigid vehicle.
  • State the Truck height, length and weight.
  • Check and talk about what the condition of the Wheels, nuts and tyres must be.
  1. 2. Hr Licence Inside Cab Check.
  • You need to state what all the controls are in your heavy rigid vehicle.
  • Your cab cleanliness.
  • Mirrors.
  • Seat Belts and condition.
  • Your Seating position.
  1. 3. How to start, move off and shut down your HR truck.
  • you must show how to start and shut down your heavy rigid engine the right way.
  • you will need to do instrument checks in your vehicle.
  • You will need to move off and return to the kerb in the right order.
  • You also have to show how to secure and exit the vehicle.
  1. 4. Hr Licence Steering
  • when you are driving your heavy vehicle on your hr licence test, you will need to steer the vehicle smoothly.
  • You will need to be able to drive in a straight line keeping in the lane lines on your hr licence course.
  • When driving the hr truck on your driving test you will need to hold the steering wheel the right way. there are 3 types. Hand over hand, palming and pull push.
  • On your Hr licence test you will need to show you can drive the vehicle correctly through curves and bends and keep the truck in within the lane in normal road conditions.
  • At all intersections you will need to position the heavy rigid vehicle correctly before, during and after the turns and show the correct observation skills. including clearance checking.
  • You will need to explain how to approach a railway crossing ahead if there is no railway crossing on the test course.
  • It is very important not to brush or mount the kerb in normal driving conditions.
  • You must always be on the look out ahead for things like over hanging trees, awnings, signs and roads with extreme cambers which could cause the top side of your truck to hit.
  1. 5. How to manage the gears on your hr licence test course.

The rest will be here shortly! however get this information when you have passed your Hr licence knowledge test.