Do You?

Before attending your Hr licence truck course you should check you are already doing the following as a driver on the road.

  • Exit Signals to the left when leaving a roundabout. (this is a 2 point and $275 fine for not using exit signals)
  • Giving sufficient time when giving signals when diverging more than 1mtr and until you vehicle is in new road position unless confusing to others.
  • scanning right and left at all intersections eg: Lights and crossroads.
  • Reducing speed by either covering the brake or applying the brake before passing through intersections with limited vision. eg. block line of sight by large vehicles, buildings, trees etc.
  • Create Maintaining a minimum of 3 sec following distance between you and the vehicle in front in good conditions in the truck it will be a minimum of 4 seconds.
  • Must be adjusting your speed to maintain your following distance when a vehicle cuts into your following distance.
  • Not approaching turns at a speed which requires a lot of breaking.
  • Turning at a speed that does not require braking during the turn.
  • consistantly scanning the sides and long middle and short distances and regularly checking mirrors approximately every 12-15 seconds.
  • not stopping to close to vehicles in front when stopping. (keeping 3-5mtrs minimum in a heavy vehicle and in any othe case enough to steer the vehicle out from behind)
  • signaling 60mtr before turns unless confusing to others.
  • looking over your shoulder (blind spot) to the direction you intend to move just before you move. (blind spot check) when leaving the kerb, merging or lane changing, turning left or right.
  • Show preparation to a light that has been green for some time to reach a point of decision safely stop for an orange light. (most common mistake by drivers is to keep full speed or to accelerate more to beat these orange lights)


Heavy Rigid Truck Licence, HR Truck Training, HR Truck License

Do you want to become a hr truck driver in Australia with a heavy rigid HR licence training and looking for truck driving schools?

Do you already have a car licence and would like to know how much it cost to get your HR licence – heavy rigid license with a truck driving school?

Do you want to know how long it takes to get a Hr licence in Sydney NSW with a quality truck driving school?

If you answered yes to any of these questions call Road Sense Truck Driving School.

What can I drive with a heavy rigid HR license.


Not sure What Truck Licence you need?

With a HR licence you will be able to drive bendi buses which are classified as heavy rigid vehicles.

You will be able to drive any heavy rigid vehicle that has three or more axles on a HR truck license – heavy rigid.

With an Australian HR truck licence you will be able to tow a trailer that with a GVM 9 tonne or less.

Before you can attend a driving school for your Heavy Truck Licence training you will need to:

If you want to upgrade your car licence, Light Rigid or Medium Rigid license you will need to have held your full licence for a minimum of 12 months.

You will need to practice the RMS online knowledge test CLICK HERE you could also study the Questions and answers CLICK HERE

You will then need to book your HR licence Knowledge Test at your local RMS registry.

Once you have passed your Heavy rigid knowledge test you will need to purchase the Competency based Assessment (CBA) Learner logbook and guide book and book with L truck driving school.

heavy vehicle guide book logbook

Provisional Licence Holders.

If you are on your provisional licence you will need to wait until you are on your second year of green P’s

Some things you will learn on you HR Licence Training Course.

  • Road Regulations
  • Pre-Operational Checks
  • Cabin Drill
  • Leave and return to the kerb
  • Open Road Driving
  • Load Security
  • System of vehicle control
  • Cornering – Curves and bends
  • Intersections
  • Hills and bends
  • Engine management
  • Reverse parking
  • Loading Bay maneuver
  • Long Reverse
  • Offset Reverse
  • Hill Start up and Down

and much more!

You will be trained and assessed based on the RMS competency standards, you will need to meet these standards to have the RMS issue your license.

Not to worry all L Truck driving school Instructor assessor courses are approved by N.S.W. RMS you will be trained and assessed by our assessors, you will not be required to attend a RMS registry to do a driving test.